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Meet Patricia, a talented audiobook narrator and actor, whose vibrant voice and compassionate soul breathe life into the stories she tells.

As a child, Patricia along with her Ecuadorian father, Czech mother and sister lived in Quito, Ecuador where she studied at a German private school and learned both the Spanish and German languages. This laid the foundation for her linguistic abilities which then led her to study Japanese in college further broadening her ability to connect with a diverse audience.

As a trained dancer, Patricia’s passion for movement has been a constant companion throughout her life. Her ability of expressing emotions through movement and her linguistic repertoire are skills that translate effortlessly in her narration style.

Her voice is described as friendly(generous), warm(optimistic) and conversational(upbeat), captivating listeners from the first word. Her animated tone reflects her passion for storytelling making the listener feel like good friends sharing a tale over a cup of tea.Patricia loves narrating memoirs which allows her to honor the voices of others. Her flair for YA, romance and nonfiction enables her to engage audiences of all ages and empower them with knowledge, emotions and the joy of listening. In addition, Patricia’s fascination with mystery and fantasy make her trustworthy and engaging voice spark the imagination of her listeners.

Living near the beach, Patricia finds solace in the ocean and her yoga practice. When not narrating audiobooks, Patricia turns to animals in need and actively engages in helping rescue them and giving them a chance at life. Patricia is also an accomplished chef and baker and loves baking her Czech Grandma’s pastries. She shares her home with her husband and four feline family members.

Home Studio:
Home Studio:
Mic: AKG C1000s, Fethead Preamp, ROKITPOP Pop Filter
Interface: Scarlett Solo
DAW: Audacity (punch and roll)

Dialogue Accents: Spanish, Russian, Czech.

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