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“feisty latina with a loyal heart and a hippie soul”


Meet Patricia Burgos

Meet Patricia Burgos, a multilingual SAG actress & V.O./Narrator with a Czech and Ecuadorian background. She was born in Los Angeles, but she spent her childhood years in her father’s hometown, Quito, Ecuador, where she learned her parents’ native languages of Czech and Spanish. 

Patricia was a sweet kid with a bit of feist that wasn’t appreciated by the nuns in the Catholic school she attended. So at the first opportunity, 4 year old Patricia got kicked out of school and went to a German private school where she easily added German & Japanese to her extensive language arsenal.

Patricia’s love for the arts began with dance. She trained in ballet, modern, jazz and was asked to join the San Diego Chargers Cheerleader Squad for the NFL.

Seeking inspiration and embracing her adventurous spirit, Patricia embarked on a journey of travel and culinary exploration. Her travels and becoming a skilled chef enabled her to connect with diverse cultures and gain a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Loving performing and living in Los Angeles, Patricia answered her muse to become an actress. To learn more about the collaborative process of filmmaking she began working in production as an Assistant Director on several independent features and children’s detective videos with young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that took her all over the US.

After she gathered enough experience and knowledge behind the scenes, Patricia started to quickly expand her on-camera resume starring in numerous independent films, some of which were screened at prestigious film festivals.

Patricia is known for portraying feisty characters with a loyal heart and a hippie soul from tough love mama bears, outspoken women in charge and compassionate caretakers while thriving in fun quirky roles in comedy.

She is continuously training at top acting schools such as Berg Studios, UCB and The Working Actors Studio with Geoffrey Blake to name a few.

Patricia is represented by an amazing LA team that keeps her busy with incredible opportunities and advocates for her success.

In addition to acting, she also has stretched out into the world of voiceover and audiobook narration. She has joined many reputable audiobook narrators by becoming a member of the APA. She enjoys the creative freedom and flexibility with an opportunity to work globally from her professional recording space at home.

Even amidst her busy acting pursuits, Patricia dedicates her time to supporting animal welfare initiatives as a strong advocate for animal rescue. She also makes time for her yoga practice, an occasional dance class and leisurely days at the beach where she shares a home near the ocean with her husband and their four beloved felines.




Patricia is an actor that’s willing to go outside her comfort zone, and who in fact, wants to go there, is a dream for a director..
Her first takes are always with amazing effort and preparedness, but then she also eats up direction and relishes the challenge of change that so many actors either can’t do, or aren’t open to.

Greg Brooks


Patricia is a star. She is both charismatic and professional and was able to give us exactly what we were looking for. Can’t wait to work with her again!

Sophie Sither & Robert Wrath

(Director/Actor) & (Director) — Michigan Films
Patricia is an absolute joy to work with. She always arrives prepared and with a great, enthusiastic attitude. She takes direction very well and comes with her own ideas for the character, helping the scene reach heights beyond my expectations.

Charlie Sitarski

She is an extremely talented actress who is incredibly convincing to play opposite. Patricia is an amazing human being who gives 100% and more to everything she does.I certainly plan on working with her again.

Chloe Traicos





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